The New Diorever Leaves Me with Mixed Feelings

I am not wealthy by any means. I am barely middle-class. However, I make a list of items I probably would buy if I were wealthy. Dior apparel and accessories often make that list. I was all set to add the new spring/summer Diorever tote to this list but something is preventing me from doing this.

When I saw images of this bag I noticed it was simple in its design. When it comes to luxury items, I often find simple is better. This is because the materials used are of such a high quality that a simple design is needed to show off the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. This is what I saw in the initial images of the Diorever bag.

The House of Dior claims Diorever is:

"Suffused with cutting-edge urban attitude, the "Diorever" bag is the new Dior tote. This mini bag in black bull calf leather with a reversible flap has a strong and bold character. Its crest-shaped clasp makes a statement as the emblematic signature of the Dior woman."

I agree with all of this except for their view concerning the flap. The reversible flap I feel detracts from the look of the bag. When the flap is closed, the bag's sophistication is lessened. It -- dare I say it -- cheapens the bag's overall look. When the flap is reversed, the bag looks sophisticated once again -- from the front view. When you look at the back, the flap appears awkward-looking. It doesn't seem to fit with the overall aesthetic.

I do believe Dior knows the flap is not very appealing. They make mention of it as a design "perk" yet hide it in promotional images and on the Diorever page. In fact, there are only two images of the flap on each bag's product page.

My opinion about this bag doesn't count for anything as I am not the target customer. For the life of me I can’t understand why one would want to ruin a simple, elegant design with a detail -- the reversible flap -- that makes the bag look pretty drab. Everything else about the bag I do like. Doesn't Jennifer Lawrence look stunning in these pictures?

What do you lovelies think of the Diorever? Am I being too critical about this $3,000+ bag?

Source: BlogsRelease
Image Credits: Dior

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