The FS A to Z 2016 Challenge Reveal is a Bit Constructive

I probably stumped you lovelies with this one but the main image should give you a clue. Before I explain my slightly cryptic title allow me to talk a bit about this A to Z challenge. The A to Z April Blogging Challenge is a yearly blogging event.

Thousands of blogs sign up each year to participate. It is a fun blogging challenge that occurs every April. You create a blog post topic every day, except for Sundays, that follows the alphabet. Check the Fashion's Sense blog archives for April to get an idea of the flow.

You sign up for the challenge here. Each day you read and try to comment on the next five blogs after yours on the list. This helps build up the challenge community. If you see a post you like and share it, you help to promote a fellow blogger.

This is pretty much the gist of the challenge. Now for the main event: My April A to Z Challenge Theme. This year I am going to blog about apparel construction. This is a pretty wide topic which will allow me to create information posts about stitches, fabric, and other tidbits about how a garment is constructed.

So lovelies, if you ever wondered about why certain fabrics behave a certain way, or why a seam is serged, then I can give you some insight into that next month.

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