Influenster #SpiceVoxBox: The Good, The Bad, and The Tasty

Hey lovelies! I told you I would be back with another post from the #SpiceVoxBox I got for free from Influenster. This is the wrap up of the all the items in this Vox Box. Some things I liked. Some were... meh. Others were downright tasty. Find out which were which.

What's in the #SpiceVoxBox?

The #SpiceVoxBox was my first big Vox Box from Influenster. Boy was it jammed with lots of goodies to test and review! Here is a list of everything:

  1. Two Samples of Yogi Tea's Energy teas
  2. Boots Botanics Day Cream
  3. Foot Petals Boot Insoles
  4. Good Health Veggie Snack Stix
  5. Sinful Shine Top Coat and Nail Polish
  6. SoapBox Soaps Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner
  7. Not Your Mother's Whip It Up Mousse

The Good from the #SpiceVoxBox

Three products which were good from the Vox Box were the products from the Not Your Mother's (NYMB), SoapBox Soaps, and Foot Petals. To find out more about the NYMB and SoapBox Soaps products read #SpiceVoxBox Confidential: How to Get Coconut Cream Curls.

The Foot Petals Boot Insoles were a nice treat and ended up being an extra Christmas gift for my mother. I personally did not get to try these out because my feet are too big for them. My mother likes them. They were a good gift for her. Not so much for the added warmth but it kind of took some pressure off her feet as well. So she is happy and that places the Foot Petals insoles on the good list.

The Bad (Meh) from my #SpiceVoxBox

Bad is kind of harsh for this. Let's go with "meh". These items didn't really impress me and I have not used them much or they won't make the lineup for future purchases.

  • The Yogi Tea samples I received were good but they won't make my fave brands list.
  • The Sinful Colors top coast and nail polish were not used by me and were given as an extra gift to one of my cousins. I did not like the shade of Come Hither. My hands don't like hot pinkish colors much.
  • The Boots Botanics Day Cream seems like it might be a good product for someone with extremely dry skin. It is moisturizing. However, my combination skin still leans more towards the oily side so this left me very shiny. I gave this one to mother as well. She hasn't used it yet.

The Tasty from my #SpiceVoxBox

There is just one more item left. Yes, the Good Health Veggie Stix made the tasty list. Since my review on Between Sunshine and Rain, I recently found these babies at Redners Market and have bought six bags of them.

That's it for the #SpiceVoxBox. Stay tuned to this blog and Between Sunshine and Rain for more reviews on products from future Vox Boxes from Influenster.

All products received from Influenster were complimentary for testing and review purposes.


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