30 Days of Beauty: Top 3 Makeup Products I Can't Live Without

Hey lovelies! I hope those of you who were in the path of Winter Storm Jonas made it through safe and sound. My neck of the woods was not hit too hard. Thank you God! Now, I am back to tell you all what my three makeup products that I can't live without are.

Any Brownish-Pink, Non-Matte Lipcolor

It can be lip gloss or lipstick but I always need a shade in a brownish-pink shade. It can be cool tone, warm tone, or neutral tone. as long as it is that color shade.

This shade looks most natural on me. It is because of this, that I can also wear a lipcolor in that shade as blush and eyeshadow. The result is a softly, subtle flush of color that enhances my looks without making me look like I am wearing makeup.

Black, Waterproof Mascara

Mascara didn't always make this list for me. Ever since my first gray-white lashes made an appearance, black mascara has been in my top three products to always have. The mascara needs to be waterproof because I have seasonal allergies and chronic sinusitis, which both cause my eyes to water. Also, waterproof mascara lasts longer without smudging.

Dark Brown Eyeliner Pencil

A dark brown eyeliner pencil serves two purposes for me: To line my eyes and define my brows. A pencil liner is more versatile because you can create a subtle lined eye, winged liner look, and an attractive smoky eye look.

These three makeup items are a must for me to always have. I can create a complete-looking makeup look with these items. So yeah; I would be lost without them.

Do you have any makeup products that you just can't live without?

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