30 Days of Beauty: My Top Five Brushes

Hey lovelies! It is cold outside! Here in my region, the Mid-Atlantic, we are bracing ourselves for our first snow storm of the season. One can never tell what these storms will bring. So I am going to try and get at least five additional days of the challenge scheduled so we don't miss a beat even if the power lines go down. Today I will let guys know what my top five brushes are. Let's get started.

My Top Five Makeup Brushes

  1. Eco Tools Mattifying Brush: I can use this to apply liquid or powder foundation, loose finishing powder, or pressed powder. Whether it is liquid or powder this brush creates a soft matte finish that I love.
  2. Blush Brush: I can use it for blush and bronzer as well as light shading.
  3. Eyeshadow Brush: I need this to apply eyeshadow and I can also use to apply highlighter powders if needed.
  4. Slanted Brush: This I can use to help shape brows as well as apply eyeshadow as eyeliner.
  5. Spoolie Brush: My brows are unruly. I need a spoolie even I am not wearing makeup to tame my brows a bit.

There you have it lovelies. My top five brushes. I just told you mine. Now it's time for you to tell me yours.

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