30 Days of Beauty: My Least Favorite Products

This has been a rough weekend, lovelies so sorry for any grammatical errors in this post! Here is another quick post for the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge. Today I will let you know about some of my least favorite products. I'm just going to list my least products I've reviewed last year. Not all of these products were reviewed on my blog. Some were reviewed on the brand's site and some were reviewed on Amazon.com. Let's get to it!

Xtava Dipliner

Xtava Dipliner is a very black liquid liner with a felt applicator. The tube of dipliner I received did not impress me much. I can vouch that it is the blackest liner I've ever used you did not need reapply the liner. However, the applicator began to break apart after using it on the first eye. It skipped instead of gliding along. Also, it was a bit too high for the overall quality I received, $14.99. I would have been mad about it if it was free in exchange for my honest review.

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Dandruff Co-Wash

This Co-Wash was too thick to be a co-wash in my opinion. I am not even quite sure if Proctor& Gamble knew what a co-wash conditioner feels like. If they googled the type of conditioners many women in the natural hair community used, then they would have noticed that the texture of the conditioners they used for co-washing were not thick and they definitely did not contain dimeticone. The reason for this is because the conditioner needs to rinse clean without leaving behind any residue. My hair was dull looking after using it. Just a mess. Thank God I got it free from BzzAgent.

Life Essentials Vitamin C Serum

I did not like the texture of this serum at all. It did not work well with my combination skin. I gave it to my mother so it wasn't a waste of time. Plus it was free in exchange for a review.

Rimmel London Kate Idol Eyes Mascara

Everyone who tried this claims they love it. My friend got this from Influenster and gave it to me. I did not like the broken heart-shaped wand. It was awkward for me to use. The mascara also smudged on me. I will say that if it were a waterproof formula it might not have smudged.

These are my four least favorite beauty products from 2015. I think I might do this type of list every year. I said I think I might. We'll see.

What were your least favorite beauty products from 2015?
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