30 Days of Beauty: My Daytime/Everyday Look

There are only a few days left for me in this 30 Days of Beauty Blogging Challenge. As it winds down, the challenge asks that I let you lovelies know my everyday look. That is a rather tough one. In reality, my everyday look is bare faced with a doo-rag on my head. However, I think the topic is really looking for what would be my standard everyday makeup look. That has a little bit more detail in it.

Keeping It Simple Sweetie

There isn't much to my run-of-the-mill daytime makeup look. It is very natural-looking with few products. I don't wear foundation, concealer, or face powder. I do opt for primer to take away shine. I lightly dust my cheeks with bronzer. My eyes are nude or I wear a single soft golden shadow with just mascara and sometimes a dark brown liner. I might lightly defined brows, depending on my mood. I will were a nude or soft pink lip color to finish the look.

My hair is typically in a simple twisted protective style on most days. Some days it is out. When it is out my hair is big and wild.

Accessories Are A Must

Even a simple daytime look requires me to accessorize. I will choose a pair of drop earrings most days. During the colder months, I will wrap a scarf around my neck.

That's it. Nothing complicated. Few products are used. Tomorrow, I share a nighttime/evening look with you lovelies that I like for this frigid season.

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