30 Days of Beauty: Favorite Bronzers

I think I have bad luck when it comes to things I like a lot. It seems that when I really get into a TV program it is cancelled. I find a perfume I absolutely love, it is discontinued. I once found the perfect acne peel system and it was discontinued. My two favorite bronzer palettes turned out to be limited-edition palettes and are no more. However, I haven't given up on finding my new fave bronzer yet.

My Current Bronzer

The bronzer I am using now is from the former Starlooks Sheana Marie line in Soleil. It is a great bronzer. I was shocked that this single shade would work for me. In the past, I've used the bronzer palettes where you have six or so colors all together that you pick up each color in one brush swipe. This single color bronzer works great for contouring. I am not a heavy contour person. I use it to lightly sculpt my face. When I am doing a no-makeup makeup look I use it for eyeshadow as well.

My Next Bronzer

I found a bronzer that reminds me of the two bronzer palettes I used to love. Probably for my birthday, I will purchase both the Peach Bronze and Pink Bronze (Park Avenue Princess) Colored Clay Bronzer Blush from tarte. I have high hopes for these two so I hope they do not let me down.

What is your favorite bronzer? Are you like me and still looking for one?

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