30 Days of Beauty: 5 Tips I Swear By

Now we all have tips that we "swear by" for different things in life. For this post, I will talk about the beauty tips I swear by. You may recognize a few as I've shared them in other posts and articles. I am sure some of my tips are ones you've probably already heard of or use yourself. Truly, there is nothing new in fashion and beauty. It just gets repackaged with a new name.

  1. For soft skin: after bathing always apply body or baby oil to wet skin, pat dry, and then apply body lotion.
  2. I apply acne spot treatments with cotton swabs. This is because I don't want to touch my zits and risk spreading any bacteria to other parts of my face.
  3. Detox hair quarterly with a clay wash. Bentonite clay is best for this as it removes product buildup and clarifies hair giving it new life.
  4. I always apply foundation with a face brush. I use either a flat top brush for liquid and large round or kabuki brush for powder. Using a brush gives me soft matte finish. It looks more natural on my skin that way. Plus, I use less foundation this way.
  5. I layer lip color. I am die-hard fan of layering when it comes to applying lip color. I've had to do this because stay-put and true matte liquid lipsticks dry my lips out, so I don't wear them often. So to get my lip color to last for hours I apply lip moisturizer, line and fill in lips with lip pencil, apply lip color, blot, apply lip color again. For certain formulas I can skip the second layer of lip color and blotting.

Those are my five tips I swear by. Lovelies, let me know what yours are?
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