Review of Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

Hey lovelies, I have a skincare review for you today. If you've been following my blog this year, you will notice that I jump at the chance to review anti-aging eye products. Valentia True Glow Eye Cream is the last eye cream review of 2015!

Recap of My Eye Concerns

Age 38 is the year my eyes began to change. Crow’s feet have invaded and I've been trying out a myriad of eye products to erase and keep them at bay. I also suffer from occasional eye lid dryness and dark under eye circles. This month has been a busy one for me. As a result, "I can't get no sleep." Which means those pesky dark circles and bags want to show up.

About Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

I am just going to copy and paste Valentia's description about True Glow Eye Cream:

  • REDUCES WRINKLES & FINE LINES: Resistem (Plant Stem Cells) visibly improve the appearance of fine lines while super antioxidant Astaxanthin neutralizes the free radical damage we encounter daily, protecting our delicate under eye area and improving skin texture.
  • LIGHTENS DARK CIRCLES: Arnica works to stimulate white blood cell activity, relieving trapped fluid and bruising, leaving the eye are refreshed and brightened.
  • DEPUFFS EYE AREA: Vitamin C gives this eye cream an extra boost by improving skin circulation, which helps to leave your under eyes visibly brighter for that well-rested bright eyed look.
  • NOURISHES & HYDRATES: The skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of our face and therefore needs deep hydration to keep it soft and toned. Organic Rosehip Oil works to achieve just that for a more hydrated smoother eye area.
  • PERFECT BOTH MORNING & NIGHT: True Glow Eye Cream provides the perfect balance to be used morning or night. It glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly leaving eyes feeling hydrated and refreshed. It will never leave your under eye area feeling greasy and wears flawlessly under makeup.

Carol's Daughter

My Valentia True Glow Eye Cream Experience

I was excited to try this eye cream because it contains rosehip seed oil (I adore this oil). Any product with this oil in it I want to try. I also have had positive experiences with Valentia in the past. Therefore, my expectations were high for True Glow Eye Cream.

I've used this for two weeks and I feel it is good. I like it but it is not the best I've tried this year. It does keep dark circles and puffiness away. I love the way it moisturizes -- that rosehip seed oil at work. I haven't seen any improvement in my crow's feet like I did using Solvaderm's Eyevage.

My Final Thoughts

I think Valentia's True Glow Eye Cream is ideal for someone in their 20s and early 30s who wants to take preventive measures. It will help keep dark under eye circles and bags at bay. However, I don't see it being very helpful with crow's feet and fine lines. This is coming from someone whose crow's feet are not visible unless you get right up in her face and look. If your eyes have fine lines or wrinkles this cream might not do much for them. It is good for moisturizing and taking care of under eye issues like dark circles and puffiness/bags.

Since I brought up what age range I feel this product would be ideal for, I'd like to know when did you lovelies begin using anti-aging products?


Lilla P

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