How to Best Maximize Your Shopping Reward This Holiday

Hey lovelies! How is your holiday shopping going this year? Mine is almost finished, thank goodness. While sifting through my emails double-checking how much I spent online I also checked my rewards notices. I've noticed that I've spent a lot of money. However, I also noticed that I received quite a few rewards for those shopping trips. Want to know how I did this? Here are the tricks I've used to maximize my total shopping rewards so far this holiday season.

Only Shop Online with Credit Cards that Give You Cash Back

Don't be discouraged if your credit card does not give you cash back on your purchases. There are other tips further along where you can earn cash back. For those who have credit cards that give you cash back rewards, make use of these cards for your holiday shopping. Even if they are not your preferred card to use, break that bad boy out for your online holiday shopping and then tuck it away again after your shopping is finished. If you have multiple credit cards that offer cash back then choose the card that offers you the most rewards.

My Credit Card Cash Back Rewards (so far): $25 (I get a combined 10% but I use it to my advantage).

Sign Up For Store Rewards Programs

I know it may seem like a hassle to sign up for rewards programs at stores. However, if you make at least a $30 purchase at any online store more than three times a year, it is worth it to sign up. Especially during the holidays, you will spend more at these stores, which gives you the chance to rack up more rewards points.

My Store Rewards Totals (so far): $10 rewards off future purchase, $15 rewards off future purchase, $5 rewards off future purchase, and a free full-size product to be redeemed within the year.

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Shopping With Swagbucks

I am signed up with Swagbucks. There are many ways to earn Swagbucks (SBs) so you can redeem them for gift cards. I am not very active with the SB program for most of the year. When I am doing some heavy shopping as I do during the holidays, I check out what rewards they have going on at the stores I want to visit. While you are not getting actual cash back with SB, you do rack up SBs that you can redeem for gift cards and PayPal cash. My last SB redemption funded a holiday shopping trip at Sephora that earned me points at Sephora and additional Swagbucks for my shopping trip. The gift that keeps on giving.

If you have not signed up with Swagbucks and would like to, click here to sign up and start earning.

Using Ebates to Get Cash Back

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I learned of Ebates this year from an online acquaintance. I signed up using her referral code. My first two purchases were small, under $30 and my cashback reward was only a couple of bucks. There is no set percentage cash back, it goes by store. Some offer as little as 1% cash back and according to Ebates, some can earn you up to 25% cash back. The stores I frequent on average offer between 3% to 8% cash back. Ebates also finds coupons and deals for you for the stores you shop at to give you savings along with cash back. In addition, when you sign up with Ebates at times will offer a sign up bonus. This bonus can differ throughout the year. Right now, the sign up bonus is $10 -- I received $5 cash for signing up last spring.

For the purchases I made so far this holiday season, I will receive my Big Fat Payment of around $50 for the next quarterly payout in February.

Why Make Use of These Methods For Holiday Shopping?

During the holidays, a lot of us push our budgets to the limit or end up spending much more than we bargained for and have a lot of credit card bills to catch up on afterwards. Earning rewards and cash back bonuses help to lessen the blow a bit. The thing I like about Swagbucks and Ebates is that they are referral based. I shared my referral codes to each site for you to use. I earn rewards if you sign up via the links in this post and once you are signed up you can do the same by sharing your referral links with family, friends, and even on your blogs. It gets better, you continue to earn each time one of your referrals makes a purchase or earns SBs.

Main Image Credit Courtesy of JCPenney

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