Green Tree Jewelry Offers Sustainable Fashion at Affordable Prices

Hi lovelies! Oh my word! Can you believe the holidays are here already? Chanukah has already begun; Christmas and Kwanzaa are only a couple of weeks away! Although online holiday shopping is cutting things rather close at this point, you can still look for items for those harder to shop for people on your list. Why not get them something unique this year? I am pretty sure no one in her circle will have a fashionable jewelry item from Green Tree Jewelry.

Fashionable, Not Crafty Eco-Friendly Jewelry

I recently had the opportunity to review three complimentary pair of earrings from Green Tree Jewelry. When I visited their website, I was shocked at the library of fun, attractive jewelry this company has available. Not just that, the jewelry is primarily made from wood.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about this. I was afraid that wood jewelry might look a bit "crafty", not really fashionable. Of course, I wondered if I might get splinters from wood jewelry. I was wrong on both counts. The jewelry I received fits my style perfectly. Everyone who has seen the earrings loves them. Take a look at them.


Green Tree Jewelry's Laser-Cut Wood Earrings

Green Tree Jewelry's wood earrings are made in the United States with the following unique details:

  • Made from sustainably sourced wood and recycled display cards
  • Come in different colors stained with water-based dye
  • Use ear wires that are hypoallergenic, stainless steel with a silver finish and enhanced with electrophoretic coating that resists tarnishing.

Of the over 500 designs in the Green Tree Jewelry catalog I picked the following earrings:

ISquared Dangle Earrings #1480, $14.95

This earring is a versatile style that is great to wear at work, on the weekend, and even on a date. Comes in 18 colors and is 2.1-inches by 1.5-inches. The color I chose was Tangerine. The swatch on the site doesn't quite look tangerine in color -- more of a carrot -- but on the finished product it is true to the shade name.

Raindrop Splashes Earrings #1157, $14.95

The design of this earring mimics the splash pattern of rain drops when they hit a hard surface. This also comes in 18 colors and is 2-inches by 1.4-inches. I picked Kelly Green for my color choice. As with style #1480 the swatch online is lighter than what's on the finished product.

Seamstress Scissor Earrings #1020, $14.95

I fell in love with these at first sight. The design took me back to my fashion design roots and I had to have this pair. The size of these earrings is 2.3-inches by 1-inch. If you have a fashion design student in your family, this is one gift to consider giving. I chose wine and the finish is pretty like a red blend wine that is on the fruity side.

Things to Consider While Wearing Wood Jewelry

They do have a smoky, wood scent. So if you wear fragrance you might want to consider how your fragrance will mingle with the natural scent of the jewelry. I recommend wearing similar scents that have woodsy, amber, or spice notes in them.

These are wood so take care. Even protected wood will eventually suffer water damage after frequent contact with any liquid. So make sure not to do the obvious like wear them while swimming, bathing, or showering. Also, make sure you do not leave these in your pockets to prevent them from being accidently laundered.

So lovelies, I really like what Green Tree Jewelry has to offer. I have the sneaking feeling that you will too. If you want to own a piece of eco-friendly jewelry or know of a person who is all about sustainability and vegan living, let them know about what Green Tree Jewelry has to offer. When you place your first order use code FASTSHIP15 to receive free shipping on all domestic (US) orders.

I received a sample(s) of the product(s) to keep for consideration in preparing this content.


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