This Winter Refresh Your Skin with Evian Spray

Hey lovelies! It's a new month with new things to blog about concerning style. One thing I like to hit on for this first post of November is how to keep your made up face fresh and hydrated with Evian Spray. I also have a giveaway alert for you!

About Evian Spray

I first introduced you to Evian Spray earlier in the year. Here is a refresher about the product: Originally introduced as a facial spray in the United States in 1978, it is the brand carried in luxury hotels and prestige retailers such as Nordstrom and Sephora.

Using Evian Spray to Hydrate Skin during the Winter

Cold weather is hard on skin. However, so is the indoor heating we use to keep ourselves warm and toasty. Incorporating Evian Spray into your winter beauty routine can help beat winter dryness. Mist face with Evian Spray before you apply your face serums. Most serums have hyaluronic acid in them. This ingredient is attracted to moisture and helps skin retain it. Applying your serum after a light misting of Evian Spray will help your skin retain moisture better.

What about after you apply makeup? After being outside in the bitter cold and then being inside with indoor heating sucking the moisture from your skin, your face needs a recharge. You can still give your face a light moisture boost with a misting of Evian Spray. Lightly mist spray over face, wait 30 seconds, and then blot with napkin or paper towel. Your makeup will look fresher -- not dry or flaky.

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