Alterre Shoes Give You More Shoe for Your Buck

Hey lovelies! I love getting more value for my dollar. I especially love it when I can get more for my buck in fashion. This is one of the reasons why I love convertible garments so much. I am excited to introduce you to the shoe version of the convertible garment. Trust me. You'll want to read about this shoe.

When I worked a 7 to 7, (it was rare I worked a normal 8-hour day), I would sometimes go out on a date right after work. Due to the hours I worked, I had no time to go home and change so I usually wear something to work that I could alter a bit for my date. However, I always needed to take an extra pair of shoes to work so I could change into at night for my date.

If any of you lovelies have had to lug around an extra pair of shoes then you know the struggle. Alterre has solved your extra pair of shoes problem. Wear a sexy strap heel, Slip on mule, tasseled suede mule, or a preppy faux-oxford heel. All of these styles can be made from one shoe base with interchangeable parts.

Alterre has two base shoe styles a slip on mule with a 2.5" heel and an open-toe sandal with a 1.5" heel. Each style comes in three colors/fabrics:

  1. Black suede
  2. Blush Leather
  3. Grey Leather

There are five "looks" to choose from. In the Alterre world "look" refers to the design of the removable shoe accents that help create strappy looks, a tassel look, or an oxford look. Click here to see the different looks.

I think this is a great idea. Right now, I am imagining the closet space I could save with these! If Alterre Shoes is piquing your interest then there is a surprise for you. Alterre is having a Holiday Giveaway for their starter kit, which includes:
  • A pair of black suede mules (heels)
  • Mist Grey Jackies (one of their "looks")
  • Evening Sky Marilyns (one of their "looks")
  • A Travel bag for the "looks"

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