New York Fashion Week is over and done with. However, I am still drooling over the runway images I am sorting through. One set of images struck a chord with me and I have been highlighting them on social media and tumblr these past couple of weeks. CND, the global leader in professional nail care, created two stunning nail collections for Libertine and The Blonds for their spring 2016 collections shown during NYFW. I was lucky enough to receive their press kits for each collection.


For the Libertine S/S 2016 show, CND created an abstract collection of graphic nail designs. The clothing and nails gained inspiration from German artist Blinky Palermo using bold colors in neat and precise patterns in a collection that was refined irreverence. The nails were short manicures created using CND acclaimed SHELLAC Day Nail Color and VINYLUX Weekly Polish in almost-neon shades of yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue. Four distinct nail style were used in the show:

  1. Blinky Blocks”: These dual-toned color-blocked nails featured clean lines and contrasting colors.
  2. Checkmate”: A bright checkerboard pattern set against a white base made for a restrained pop art effect.
  3. Bad Penny”: Based on a metallic rose gold shade from the Spring 2016 color collection, and adorned with copper foil and a mosaic of miniature pennies, these monochromatic nails were an invaluable statement piece.
  4. Veronica”: These expensive-looking nails were completely encrusted with mirrored, glass-cut baguettes in various sizes that are a reflection of the embellished garments.



At The Blonds S/S 2016 show, CND created 24 gilded designs with an Egyptology influence. The major Egyptian influence being Egyptian burial practices, where one was buried with their riches to take with them into the afterlife. The designs for The Blonds show were truly nail artistry in its truest form. These were not painted nails with accents or embellishments. These Egyptian-inspired creations were built and sculpted into works of wearable art.

"… the elite artists of the CND Design Lab Team hand-sculpted the nails and their larger-than-life embellishments with CND™ Liquid & Powder and BRISA™ Gel, then added layers of color with SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Color, VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish and CND™ Additives. Royal golden tones ruled the color palette – antiqued, shimmering and expensive – while accents of blue, turquoise, red and green added texture and dimension. Hieroglyphics, snake and crocodile skins, gold-plated wings, draped headdresses and scarab beetles were constructed and embellished with an array of unconventional materials, including feathers, foils, ribbons, chains, gems, jewels and stones. A sarcophagus nail even opened to reveal a mummified pharaoh donning the actual golden locks of designer Phillipe Blond."

I shared one of my favorite CND creations on Instagram and one of CND’s nail artists, Heather Davis, commented on the image and let me know she was the one who procured the stones for the stunning look. She also dished on where she got the stones. So if you like the stones in the look you will see at the end of this post, click on the picture and it will take you to the Instagram post. From there you will find out where you can score these dazzling stones for yourself! Also, check out the Featured Beauty and Fashion Images tab for more CND images from NYFW.

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Are you a nail art enthusiast? Which nail look from CND do you like best?

Main Image Credit: Jennifer Graylock; 2015 Getty Images All Rights Reserved

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