Beauty Tools Tuesday: Mystic Bombay and Zozae

Hey lovelies! Sometimes I get the opportunity to review beauty tools. Many brands want a review on a specific platform or social media shares to promote their product. Others welcome the old-fashioned, blog post/review. For those that ask for a blog post I will post a review on a Tuesday. Hence, why I am creating Beauty Tools Tuesday (BTT). For the first BTT I have a Precision Eyelash Curler from Mystic Bombay and an Eight-Piece Makeup Brush Set from Zozae.

Mystic Bombay Eyelash Curler

I have to admit, I've never been big on curling my lashes. Decades ago, I owned an eyelash curler but we just did not get along. My lashes have become unruly lately and I felt it was time to revisit the eyelash curler once more.

Mystic Bombay offered their Precision Eyelash Curler for free in exchange for an honest review. Once that happened I grabbed it up and a new beauty love affair began. The handle reminds me of scissors. That is a good thing because it makes them comfortable to grip and hold. They come with a pad already installed and two refill pads.

It is easy to use. I simply positioned my upper lashes between the curling mechanism, closed it, and held for 10 seconds. That's it. My lashes were curled and primed for mascara! No lashes pulled out and no pinched skin.

Zozae Eight-Piece Makeup Brush Set

I already had a 12-piece makeup brush set that I was using. However, a member of the household called themselves doing me a favor by cleaning my brushes for me. Unfortunately, they soaked the brushes in water. As a result, the plastic coating cracked because the wooden handles expanded. In addition, the glue had loosened, so I needed a new set to handle the vigorous work of contouring and blending.

That is the primary use for my Zozae brush set. I use it as a contour set. It works very well as one. The brushes are soft and give precise strokes when applying color. They also help blend and shade beautifully. All of the makeup pictures I've shared in my August posts were created with the help of my Zozae brush set.

Which of your beauty tools do you rely on the most?

Main Image Credit: "Beauty box1886". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

**I received samples in exchange for this content**

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