#Starlooksaddict: August 2015 Custom #Starbox Review

Hey lovelies! I recently received my August Custom Starbox from Starlooks. You might have a puzzled look on your face when you see what I picked. I didn't go for big color this time as I did with July's box. In fact, my selections might seem pretty low key. However, I must remind you that looks can be deceiving. Plus, this is me! I will make a beauty product multitask.

What's Inside of My August Custom Starbox?

I had some choice goodies in my box for August. There was also a notice about Starlooks LooksBook subscription. I will discuss the LooksBook in a later post. This here is all about the Custom Starbox.

What else was inside?
  • Three Gift Cards: $20 Starlooks GC, $20 Masiela Lusha Starline GC, $10 Kaya Jones Starline GC
  • Makeup: Slanted Fluid Liner Brush, "Brun" Longwear Eye Pencil (Perfect Size), "Just Say Yes" Lip Gloss (Perfect Size)

What Could I Do With My New Beauts?

It's ok lovelies if you think I am crazy to select just two makeup items instead of three. Seriously, what could I possibly do with an eyeliner pencil and lip gloss? I can get a sexy smoky eye look with flirty lips! Don't believe me?

I created this look with just the "Brun" eyeliner, "Just Say Yes" lip gloss, and the liner brush. I did not wear foundation, face powder, blush, mascara, or eyeshadow. However, it looks like I am wearing most of those items. How did I get this look? I will show you later on in the week. By the way, it only took five minutes!

Gift Card Purchases

Like last month, I used my GCs to purchase more Starlooks products because I am a Starlooksaddict -- no shame here! I used my Starlooks GC to purchase another Ultra-Matte Longwear Lip Stix, this time in Riberry. I can't wait to see how that looks on me. With my Marsiela Lusha GC, I purchased the "Screen Ready" Lipstick, which looks like a nude shade.

I saved my Kaya Jones Starline GC for last. I have a good reason for doing so. However, you will need to visit the Giveaway tab to find out why...

If you lovelies are interested in subscribing to the Custom Starbox you can subscribe here. Now remember, the Custom Starbox is changing just a bit starting in September. You will be able to pick four makeup items instead of three and you will automatically get three Starlooks GCs each month. Plus a new feature is being added. I'll let Starlooks tell you about this new feature:

"Introducing the "Starlooks Boutique" and "Tack-On" products!  Makeup is obviously our thing, but we all know the beauty and fashion industry go hand-in-hand!  We're slowly collecting our favorite fashion apparel, accessories, home decor and more (!) and will be releasing them to Custom Subscribers FIRST at incredibly discounted prices, before they move to the website for sale at our normal price.  If you see an item that you like, simply "tack-it-on" to your Starbox order that month!  Don't see anything? There's no obligation to purchase. Simply submit your makeup picks, and then wait to see what we come up with the following month."

What do you think of my beauty picks for the August Starbox?

Here's a challenge if you are up for it. What looks can you come up with just using lip color and eyeliner (nothing else)? Snap pics of your looks and post to Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #eyelinerandlippy

I received a sample(s) of the product(s) to keep for consideration in preparing this content.

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