Pain Can Affect Your Overall Style

It may seem funny for one to write about pain on a style blog. However, the pain you feel, particularly body aches and pains, can affect how you look in clothing. Since summer is when people tend to feel more adventurous and athletic (with the risk of injury), now is the perfect time to broach the subject.

Back Pain Can Cause You to Slouch

When you suffer back and shoulder pain, your posture will change. You tend to slouch more, move your body in awkward looking ways trying to find some sort of relief. While doing this, all you are concerned with is finding relief. However, when others see you, they see someone wearing a killer outfit unsuccessfully. The reason for this is that your posture is not aligned as it should be due to pain. Your clothes are no longer hanging on you right. Seriously, what is the use of wearing the latest trend if you can't present it stylishly?

Stiff Muscles and Joints

If you've ever worked out, you know that your muscles and joints can sometimes get stiff. When this happens, we walk the same way we feel, stiff and in pain. Unlike with back and shoulder pain, our posture may still be intact. However, our bodies no longer move with the fluidity that does a stylish outfit justice. Instead of strutting down the street like Olivia Pope, you uneasily walk down the street like Frankenstein. That is not a good look for anyone. All that care you put into selecting that outfit is for naught because the style factor was overshadowed by your stiff gait.

Achy, Sore Feet

At some point in your life, you will have foot pain. It can be from breaking in a new pair of pumps or from having to stand on your feet all day on a hard floor. When our feet are in trouble, it throws everything else out of whack visually. Foot pain can affect your posture, your fluidity of movement, and the speed you walk. As was previous explained, when posture and body movement are affected, so is your overall look.

How to Not Let Pain Affect Your Style

Over the counter pain relievers do work to dull pain. However, they don't provide instant relief because they need a chance to get into your bloodstream first. That can take some time. Topical creams can help in the meantime but many that you find in drugstores are so strong smelling that you don't want to smell like at the office or in public.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try out OxyRub Pain Relief Cream. This cream does have a menthol smell but it is much lighter than any pain relief cream I've used in the past. I've used it to relieve shoulder, back, knee, and foot pain. Within a few minutes, the pain was either removed or reduced to a dull ache. The light smell makes it easy to mask with your favorite scented lotion. I suggest applying OxyRub to the area you need it most, wait two minutes for it to absorb and air out, then apply your scented lotion.To learn more about OxyRub read my review on Sunshine and Rain.

Embarrassing Story Time

One day, I had bad pain. My feet and calves were very sore. I had to go into work anyway. I waited too late to take some ibuprofen. I arrived at work looking nice (face and clothing-wise) but I walked as if I had a stick stuck up my butt! My cute tweed skirt and ruffle blouse were not really seen or admired because my pain had me looking a mess. Besides feeling embarrassed once I saw how I looked when I walked passed the ladies room mirror, I had to explain my appearance to everyone who asked. Sooooo many people asked. It was embarrassing and irritating. After an hour, the pain eased up because the ibuprofen kicked in. Oh how I wished I had some OxyRub that day!

Has pain ever affected your overall style?
How did you manage it?

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