Beat the Heat: Lighten Your Summer Skincare Routine

In the Mid-Atlantic, it becomes very hot and humid from mid-July through the first week or so of September. During this point of the summer, my "day face" requires a super light load of products. While the Victoria’s Secret models for the Swim 2 2015 campaign look good with slick skin, I do not. Now, I don't skip steps but I choose lighter products to get the job done.

Serums Get Lighter

This year, I was introduced to the wonders of face serums. I didn't exactly know what I was doing with them in the beginning. Now my face serum game is pretty tight. For the next several weeks, it will be pretty light as well. Right now, I use three different serums. For day, I use Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum followed by OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum. At night, I use two OZ Naturals serums: Hyaluronic Serum and their Vitamin C Serum. These serums are light, absorb fast into the skin and still give you the skin loving benefits you look for in a face serum.

Moisture is Ultra Light During the Day

I had to ditch my light, cream moisturizer once the heat index started exceeding the three-digit mark. This is when I turned to La Lune Naturals Aloe Vera Gel. Alone, aloe vera gel is a great, light moisturizer. It is not greasy, not sticky, and still keeps skin hydrated. Since I tend to break out more during the summer, I will mix in a drop or two of goPURE Naturals Lavender Essential Oil to help calm the redness and inflammation of acne.

Bonus Use for La Lune Naturals Aloe Vera Gel and goPURE Naturals Lavender Essential Oil

While I was lightening up, I noticed that I ran out of hand sanitizer. I realized I had all of the ingredients I needed to make my own. All you need is 99-percent Isopropyl alcohol, La Lune Aloe Vera Gel, and goPURE Naturals Lavender Essential Oil. I had a mini, two-ounce bottle that my old sanitizer came in. I washed that bottle out and waited for it to dry. Added 1.5 ounces of alcohol, .5 ounces of aloe vera gel, and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. I added the ingredients to the bottle, replaced the cap and shook it vigorously for one minute. I now had hand sanitizer that smelled good and did not dry out my hands.

My Mid to Late Summer Daytime Facial Skincare Routine

  1. Apply a thin layer of hyaluronic serum after I tone. I prefer to apply it while my face is still damp from my toner.
  2. Wait a minute.
  3. Apply a thin layer of vitamin C serum.
  4. Wait a minute.
  5. Apply aloe and lavender moisturizer.
  6. Wait a minute.
  7. Apply La Lune Naturals Lip Balm.
  8. Apply any face makeup I plan to wear.

Notice how I mention to wait a minute between a few steps? I recently found out you should wait a minute between applying each product to give it time to fully absorb into the skin. It also prevents the products from “pilling” (shed off in tiny gummy parts). I don't always use an eye gel during the day. When I do, I apply the eye gel between the minute breaks.

How do you lighten up your skincare routine throughout the summer?

I received a sample(s) of the product(s) to keep for consideration in preparing this content.

Main Image Credit: Victoria's Secret Inc. Swim 2 2015 Main Image

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