Add Some Shimmer to Your Casual Date Night

Summertime is when we tend to be more laid back. We take more time off to relax, enjoying the great weather, and hanging out with those we love. For some of us, a few dates will be thrown into the mix as well. Dates tend to be a little more casual during the summer unless it is a special event. If you live in an area that gets really hot and humid, you probably are not going too overboard so you can remain as cool as possible. However, this does not mean you need to be a plain Jane in a cute dress. You can still look hot without sweating bullets. All you need to do is add some shimmer to your casual date night look.
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Pick a Basic with No Shine

It is always good to have one garment that does not have any shine, shimmer, or iridescence to it. I find that it is easier to have your bottoms be this garment. Whether it is pants, shorts, or a skirt, it should be void of shimmer. For a casual summer date, I find that jeans work best. Jeans are effortless and you do not look like you are trying too hard either. Moreover, those jeans give you room to add a little style interest and not look overdone for your casual date.

If you opt to wear a simple dress, make sure it has no shimmer or shine in it. A dress with shimmer or shine does not read as casual. You can add a bit of style interest with a cute printed dress and let your accessories and makeup do the shining for you.

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