Last-Minute Beauty: Get Skin Summer-Ready from Head to Toe Pt. 2

This is the second half of Fashion's Sense's last-minute tips for getting your skin ready for summer. In Part 1, I discussed getting skin smooth via exfoliation and hair removal tips to keep other areas smooth. In Part 2, I will talk about hydrating the skin and providing foot care tips from Starlettos.

Lock in That Moisture

I moisturize my face, body, and feet differently. Each area has different needs and different issues. Therefore, they require specialized care. Right now, I am just going to talk about the face and body.


After I cleanse my face and tone, I try to moisturize or add a face serum within three minutes. This is because within that timeframe your skin is still holding onto the water that cleansed it. You want to make use of that hydration by trapping it in with a serum or your moisturizer. I use serums, specifically ones containing hyaluronic acid as it helps attract moisture to the skin as well as retain it.


I am so glad that oils have lost most of their taboo reputation as well as petroleum jelly. To be honest oils and petroleum jelly help to trap in moisture. This is why I always recommend that as soon as you step out of the shower or get up from the bath water, smooth a bath oil on your skin while it is still wet. The oil helps seal in the water that is hydrating your skin.

After you apply your bath oil, pat your skin dry or air dry. If your skin is really dry, I recommend letting your body air dry because it will absorb the oil. If your skin does not get dry and flaky, then pat your body dry to get rid of the excess oil. After your body is dry, apply your regular body lotion/moisturizer. Your skin will stay moisturized for the day.

Summer-Ready Feet Tips from Starlettos

I have written about getting those feet ready for warmer weather for years. I have to admit that I do not pay as much attention to my toes and toe nails as I probably should. These pedi tips from Starlettos come in handy (with a few tweaks from me).

Fashion's Sense Tip

If you have kept up with your feet and you do not have calluses simply use a foot or body scrub on your feet to get them smooth.

Starlettos Pedi Ready Tips

  • If you have calluses and/or cracked heels these tips will help then soak your tender tootsies in warm water to help soften up the calluses before you work them over with your pumice stone. Skin will come off a lot easier once it is softened up. There are some handy little battery operated pumice stones available as well that make neat work of dried and cracked heels.
  • Look for a foot moisturizer designed to keep feet soft and pretty. Use this every might after you shower and pat dry your feet before applying.
  • Keep your toe nails nicely trimmed. Whether your nails are too long or too short it can lead to painful ingrown toenails. The perfect toenails should just graze the top of your toe.
  • Apply a base coat before applying nail color. You can also find many nail polishes that have the base included. This can save you time. Either way you want to add two coats of nail color to get a nice pure cover. A top coat will allow the color to last longer.
  • Once you’ve got those feet of yours ready to slip into the latest summer footwear, make sure you don’t lose your balance in these strappy stilettos. Keep a pair of Starlettos (high heel protectors) in your purse so you can slip them over your sexy stiletto heels if you are anywhere near a lawn!

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Don't Waste Any More Time

Summer is a few short days away! Don't waste any time getting your skin smooth, moisturized, and soft. Remember that it all starts with smoothing. Once you get your skin smooth, moisturizing it becomes easier and your skin will feel softer as well. So get your skin ready for the sun to kiss it and for people to marvel at how radiant and smooth your skin looks this summer!

Main Image Credit: Victoria's Secret Inc. Very Sexy Drape-back One-piece $88.50

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