The Coconut Oil I Never Got to Use

You may be wondering what's up with the title. It is true. I never got to use the free bottle of fractionated coconut oil I received from La Vida Essentials. I will tell you the reason why.

My Mother Swiped It

Yes, my dear mother took my fractionated coconut oil. I am not mad at her, she couldn't resist. She tried a little bit of it on her hands, which are extremely dry. This coconut oil from La Vida Essentials absorbed quickly into my mother's dry skin. Better than that, it left her hands feeling soft. This is the first time in years my mother's hands did not feel rough. After those awesome results, she claimed the coconut oil for herself.

La Vida Essentials Made My Mother Love Coconut Oil

My mother's feet bother her a lot. They get sore and achy. She also does not pamper them often. Therefore, I decided to have her soak her feet. While her feet were still wet I rubbed La Vida Essentials Fractionated Coconut Oil into them, then pat them dry. Her feet were the softest I've felt them. Her feet were soothed. She declared that she loves coconut oil now. This woman has even bought hair products with coconut oil in them now!

Other Benefits of La Vida Essentials Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • La Vida Essentials claims their fractionated coconut oil does not stain clothing.
  • It is a great carrier oil. Although this is true for all fractionated coconut oil that I've tried.
  • It has a three-year shelf life. This is the shortest shelf life I've seen for fractionated coconut oil but it seems to be the best of the coconut oils I've seen. Also, I doubt the bottle will last six months so a shelf life beyond three years is kind of a moot point.

If this fractionated coconut oil can make a believer of my mother then it has to be good!

**I received the product free of charge from the merchant in exchange for honest and unbiased review.**

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