Summer is Hoo-rag Season

Summer is just weeks away. If you have hair that is prone to frizz or can just become unruly, you appreciate a good headband. I use this hair accessory to help control my edges, fix a style that was not quite working that morning, or to extend my style mileage one more day. I was lucky to receive a free Hoo-rag to test drive and tell my readers about. Lucky for me, it came just in time for me to use when summer starts. Guess what? It is my new headband, head covering, scrunchie, and more.

What is a Hoo-rag?

A Hoo-rag is a tube of fabric that can be worn different ways on your hair. It comes in a variety of prints. The Hoo-rag is a one-size fits most product.

How I like My Hoo-rag...

I've used my Hoo-rag in five different ways. I primarily like to use it in two ways. I will start with my favorite ways first:
  1. As a simple scarf. Just pull the tube over my head and let it hang down the back. Simple, no fuss, and you still look good in it. Since I have a graphic print, I prefer this way. Why have a pretty print if it is not seen?
  2. Wide headband. I put the Hoo-rag on the same I do when worn as a scarf. However, I scrunch it up until it is about two inches wide.
  3. Regular headband. Same method as #2 jut scrunch it further until its anywhere between one half inch to an inch wide.
  4. Scrunch it up to the width of a wide headband but pull it towards the center of my head to create a large afro puff hairstyle.
  5. Simple use it as a ponytail holder. Scrunch it up over my hand and then work it like any other rubber band or covered elastic to create a ponytail.

What do you think of the Hoo-rag? I couldn’t wait for summer. I am rocking my Hoo-rag right now. However, you may get the chance to have a Hoo-rag to wear this summer. I have an extra one the company sent me and I will give it away to one lucky reader! Check out the Giveaway page for details on how to enter!

**The product mentioned was given to me to review by the merchant in exchange for my unbiased review and honest opinion. Backed by Tomoson.**

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