Fitness Accessories: GoodShells Armband Review

Hey lovelies! Are you guys loving the warm weather and sunny days? When the weather is warm, we tend to engage in more outdoor activities. Exercise is one of them. Do you still like to stay connected during your leisurely walks, speed walks, steady-paced jogs, or marathon training runs? If so, this armband for your mobile device may be right up your alley.

GoodShells' Armband Is Not For All Smartphones

This armband was made with the iPhone 5/5s in mind. However, if you have an Android or Windows phone that is of the same thickness and size of an iPhone 5/5s, it should fit as well. So don't be discouraged.

How Does It Handle a Workout?

My Android phone was too thick for this armband, so I gave this to a relative to use. The armband fit snugly on his bicep without cutting off his circulation. He says it did not slip off while using the various machines at his local gym. According to him, it can handle a rigorous workout.


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