Beauty Battle Thursday: Adeline's Organic eye Serum vs. La Beaute Pure Vit. C Eye Gel

I get a lot of eye products to review. Some want blog reviews, others just social media promotions, and some Amazon reviews. I need a break from testing out every single eye product personally. Therefore, I enlist the help of my mother who is starting her own blog called Aunt Doris' World on WordPress. For this battle Thursday, she tested out Adeline Organic Eye Serum and I tested La Beaute Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel.

Mother's Help Was Required (Again)

My mother was a little skeptical about trying this one. She is not a fan of eye products in a gel-like formula. They feel sticky to her, so she’s an eye cream woman. I whined, begged her to test this for me, and she bent under pressure. Just joking, she was a sport and decided to help me.

Adeline Organic Eye Serum

Mom was impressed with the texture of the serum. She said, "Even though it's a gel, it's not sticky." That is huge plus in her book. She also liked that it was not heavy like eye creams can feel on her skin. It absorbed into her skin fast.

What delighted her was that she immediately noticed it decreased the puffiness she usually has under her eyes. It is starting to lighten her dark circles. One eye is worse than the other is so she expects it may take a few more weeks for it to make a huge difference there. Overall, she likes it and as you have probably guessed, is keeping the eye serum.


 La Beaute Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel

Me, I'm an eye gel girl for the warm weather months and an eye cream gal for the colder months. I used this eye gel while I was taking my Vitamin C Challenge last month. This gel picked up where my usual vitamin c eye gel left off. If continued to keep puffiness and dark circles at bay. It is very light, not sticky, and absorbs quickly. The jar is tiny but you only need a dab of it to spread a thin layer under your eye. It is one of the better eye gels I've used.

And the Victor Is...

It's a close call with this one. My eyes were already being maintained by the gel I used previously and La Beaute Pure just continued the process. It really had nothing to overcome. However, it also did not hinder my progress either.

Adeline Organic Eye Serum had an uphill battle where my mother's eyes were concerned. It made her a believer in eye gel and it decreased her puffiness immediately. For this reason, I have to declare Adeline Organic Eye Serum the winner of this battle.

My Final Thoughts

Both eye gels are great products to use. I think it depends on how much work your eyes need. If you have a lot of puffiness and deep, dark circles under your eyes then the victor, Adeline Organic Eye Serum is the one to buy. If you want something to help brighten and maintain the youthfulness of your eyes then La Beaute Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel is the right choice.

**I received both products free from the manufacturers to test and give honest feedback.**

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