Zip Up Your Jewelry With the MagBag

It is "Z" day! The final day of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge for 2015. Today I am posting about a zip up bag that is supposed to hold your jewelry, makeup, or anything that you would place in a stylish bag without them getting messed up. I wonder what makes this bag different from others?

What MagBag is About

The magbag is supposed to allow you to place jewelry in it and it won't get tangled. It is supposed to protect your makeup from being broken during travel. In essence, the claim is you can toss your goodies in the bag, zip it up, and not worry about your items being messed up.

How Does the MagBag Work?

In magbag's own words:

"A patented magnet liner system reacts directly with the contents or indirectly to hold all objects in place. Place any object in the magbag and never worry about movement again. When you open the magbag, your contents will be in the exact same location."

The explanation for how this did not really explained it in layman’s terms. I am not sure how to break it down either so here is how the company explains it all:

"Our patented revolutionary new liner system wraps or flexes around all objects to create a "vacuum seal" like effect. This effect allows © magbag to work with any type of object."

I am imagining that this bag somehow pulls objects to the walls of the bag and hold them in place. If that is the case, then this is pretty genius. Well at least for the woman who does not stuff a lot of things into her bags. If you can't really stuff this bag then it would force you to be a bit tidier in that respect. I do like the idea of just dropping my items into a bag and not worrying about them getting messed up.

Other Details

I don't have much more to tell you about this bag other than that it comes in three sizes in three different colors. You can see the colors in the main image. You will just have to take a guess at the sizes of the bags based off the image. As more details about this new bag emerge I will keep you lovelies updated!

What do you think lovelies? Do you like the idea of a drop it and don't worry type of bag?

Image Credit: magbag via BlogsRelease

Source: BlogsRelease

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