YOLO Accessories

Hey lovelies! You are probably wondering what I mean by YOLO accessories. Sometimes you need to splurge on yourself. This might require a little saving or hinting that you prefer monetary gifts for your birthday or Christmas. If you love fashion it is all right to treat yourself to a coveted fashion accessory every once in a blue moon.

Why Accessories

It may be tempting to splurge on that Channel dress but hold your horses. Garments don't have the longevity that accessories do. Forget trends, I'm talking about the way our bodies change. Weight fluctuates, boobs change (oh my perky lovelies, this is a sad truth), having children is a body changer for some, and we all succumb to the effects of age on our bodies. As a result, spending hundreds or thousands on a garment is a bit risky.

However, a handbag, jewelry, or scarf have a longer wear-life. Shoes and belts can be purchased as well but they come with the some issues garments do as our feet and waists change. Although it is easier to make a belt work in other ways than it is for a pair of shoes.

Which Type if YOLO Accessory Should You Go For?

Honestly, that is up to you. If your heart desires a $1,000 handbag then go for it. If you take care of it, that bag will last you years, even decades. Since fashion trends come and go in cycles, it will eventually be trendy again.

Personally, I would go with fine jewelry or a fine jewel-covered clutch. Fine jewelry tends to increase in value. If I would purchase a YOLO accessory it has to have that added value.

Do you have a YOLO accessory?

Image Credit: Neiman Marcus

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