X-tra Cute Accessory

Hey lovelies, I have an x-tra cute accessory for you today! Unfortunately, it's not really for you. It's for your cat. WHISKAS CATSTACAM is the fashion accessory with social media capabilities.

Ever wonder what your cute fur ball does all day while you are at work or out and about? For many cat owners, the daily activities of these cute kitties is a mystery -- unless they leave evidence behind. Well pretty soon, you might be able to solve that mystery through a cat accessory, the WHISKAS® CATSTACAM™.

WHISKAS® CATSTACAM™ appears to be a camera device that is attached to the cat's collar. Your cat will need an Instagram account. From what I can gather, the cam takes periodic snapshots throughout the day of what your cat sees during its daily activities.

While WHISKAS® CATSTACAM™ is a cute accessory for the cat, it is interactive where pet owners and viewers can ask WHISKAS® why their cat does, what it does. Simply ask the question with the hashtag #AskWhiskas and you should receive an answer.

I know you cat owners cannot wait to get this cute technological accessory for your kitty. Unfortunately, it is still in its beta phase where only a select few people and their cats are testing it out. One such lucky individual is actress Lea Michele.

Until WHISKAS® CATSTACAM™ is available for sale why not create an Instagram account for your cat and post some pictures from its day to day. Don't forget to #AskWhiskas and visit them on Facebook for more updates.

Source: BlogsRelease

Image Credit: WHISKAS® via BlogsRelease

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