Watch Luxe or Tech?

Watches are functional accessories like shoes and handbags that are also stylish. Of course wearing a watch is practical for keeping time throughout the day. A watch is also fashionable, even to the point of being a luxury item.

The Fashion Technology Aspect of Watches

Watches are technology; you can't get around that. They are mini machines that run on batteries (modern watches). Their technology has become more sophisticated over the years where they have calendars, alarms, and calculators. All of these technological advances have given way to the watch phone, thanks Apple!


Fashion Luxury of Watches

Sometimes the technology of the watch does not need to be so advanced. This is especially true for watches that fall under the category of fine jewelry. The simpler the technological features of the watch the more the luxury aspect can be played up. This is evident with the updated Dior VIII Montaigne, which uses the classic Dior palette for summer.

The Dior VIII Montaigne is part of the Dior VIII luxury watch line whose name pays homage to the date the House of Dior was create, December 8, 1946. The Dior VIII was the first luxury fashion timepiece in the line, along with the evening version aptly named DIOR VIII Grand Bal.

So lovelies, which side do you reside? Are team Watch tech?
Are you team watch luxe?

Source: BlogsRelease

Image Credits: Christian Dior via BlogsRelease

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