Unique and Unusual Accessories

Not being able to afford the latest fashions can suck when you are young. However, it can cause you to become creative. In the 80s, the paperclip jewelry was not something the rich came up with. Working class women did what they could to look fashionable and unique with what they had at their disposal. I can't lie I used to link together those colored paperclips and make necklaces and bracelets from them.

Even today, people repurpose items to make accessories that work for them. Things like wearing children’s belts as arm bands is a way to repurpose an item that is no longer worn by the children in your household because they've outgrown them. There are many creative ways to uniquely accessorize your look.

Unusual/Unique Accessories I've Worn

  • Multicolored paperclip jewelry
  • Hair Ribbons for shoelaces
  • Shoelaces for hair ribbons
  • Lace bra straps as headbands
  • Children's wide belt used for a collar necklace (I used one of my old neon green belts from age 6 when I was in college once)

Ok lovelies, fess up. What are some of the unusual or unique accessories you've worn in the past?

Main Image: By Artistik Jem (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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