Two for Thursday: Vitamin C Serums

I have been testing so many vitamin C serums that I have a good grasps on what my skin likes for one of the serums to do for it. I recently had to try out two free serums I received. I wasn't going to do that so I had my mother try one out and I tried the other. Let's see how the two do.

Elleda Organic Vitamin C Serum

This serum I gave to my mother to try. I must say both she and I were impressed with the results she had. Just from the initial use, my mother's face was brighter. She glowed. Her skin felt softer and smoother as well. After using it for a few days, her complexion started to even out. She did not have dark spots but you could see a slight unevenness in her tone. This serum has made a difference.

Life Essentials Skin Care Vitamin C Serum

I tried this serum out after my Vitamin C Challenge. This serum is like middle-of-the-road for me. It is not great and it is not bad. It's merely “aiight” (lol). I did not receive immediate results with it but it did maintain what I already had. It does feel a bit sticky when drying on your skin. I did not appreciate that quality at all.

Final Thoughts

Of the two, it seems that Elleda's Organic Vitamin C Serum is the clear winner. It gave my mother's 57-year old skin immediate results. Life Essentials is OK but it is near the bottom of the serums I've tried. I will save this one for when my other serums are used up.

**I received these serums from the manufacturers free for testing and review purposes. The review posted is based from my honest and unbiased opinions about the products.**

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