Throwback Thursday: "Classic Men's Hats Women Look Great In"

Throwback Thursday post because I am not feeling well and slept for a good portion of the day. For the letter "T" it is a throwback post from 2012. It is one of my more popular posts as well. Check it out!

With horse racing season underway, lots of pretty, frilly, feminine derby hats are being spotted. While there are plenty of hats designed for women that are attractive and very ladylike I think we look very sexy and trendy in men's hats. (Think Greta Garbo's Slouch hat in "A Woman of Affairs") Just like we look sexy when we wear our boyfriend's shirts, put his trilby or fedora on with it and you will be one hot mama! But don't my word for it check out my Polyvore set of classic men's hats we women look sexy in!

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