Smooth Out Those Edges with Virgin Lacquer Pomade

Check out the grey, silver, and white hair coming in.

Hey lovelies! Time for another kinky curly post. A couple of days ago I told you lovelies about a curly girl product called Bouncy Curls. Today I have another product to show you guys, from the same company, which was given to me to review. Virgin Lacquer Edge Control Pomade, is a pomade geared towards kinky curlies whose edges are hard to tame.

What Do You Mean by Edges?

I know some of you may not familiar with this term. Edges are the hairs of your hairline that might be shorter than the rest of hair. With curly hair, these short hairs around the hairline can be unruly and often require the use of a gel, pomade, or hair wax to smooth them out. This is frequently done for updos and styles where the hair is pulled back away from the face and/or nape of neck.

Does Virgin Lacquer Work?

Yes, Virgin Lacquer does work on controlling those unruly edges. The pomade is thick like most pomades and waxes. It is not as tacky as most are. Start off with a little at time to smooth edges back. Like gels and other pomades there will be a high shine initially. Keep smoothing to and the shine will diminish.

What Makes Virgin Lacquer Different?

I don't know if it’s different from all gels and pomades on the market. I can say it is different from the ones I've tried in the past. Virgin Lacquer did not leave my hair hard and crunchy. The gel dries clear and eventually absorbs into the hair leaving it soft.

After about 8 to 10 hours, you may need to reapply to your edges. As I explained earlier, Virgin Lacquer will absorb into the hair so the hold eventually softens and your edges may become less smoothed back. For me that is not a problem. If you want those edges tamed for an extended period, this could be an issue for you.

My Final Thoughts

I love this stuff. A little goes a long way. I can see this jar lasting me for about a year. Therefore, it is worth the price for me. If you want edge control that won't flake, and leave your hair crunchy then consider Virgin Lacquer.

Curly girls, what do you use to tame your edges? 

**I received a free jar of the product from the manufacturer to test and give my honest opinion.**

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