Rest is Your Best Accessory

This post is late because I had a painful night Monday with very little sleep. I woke up not fully rested. I could not concentrate. I tried on a few accessories I had for some photos I wanted to take and nothing looked right on me. Not even a simple pair of earrings. Then I realized the problem. I was tired, drained, just out of it.

This made me realize how important rest truly is. Many of us know how important rest is for our skin when it comes to beauty. I never realized how important it was for fashion. An outfit can fit you in all the right places, be a color that complements you, and your accessories can be the latest trend worn perfectly. If you are not rested, you will look that way. As a result, that "perfect" look will come out looking blah because it will be wearing you, not you wearing it.

Just remember to get those zzzz's in every night. If you can't manage to get enough sleep some days, just make sure to take some time off from non-essential activities and get the rest your body deserves. Your mind, body, and wardrobe will thank you for it.

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