Quirky and Fun Accents

Another Monday has arrived and many of us are wishing the weekend were just a little longer. Monday doesn't have to be so dreary and boring for you. You can still carry a little of the fun, quirkiness from the weekend with you at work.

Use Quirky Accessories to Jump Start Your Workweek

Many of us are limited to how much of our fun style can be integrated into our work wardrobe. One way to add out little bit of quirkiness into our work attire is through accessories. You love Snoopy? Wear a pair of Snoopy earrings to work. Obsessed with zebra print? Carry a zebra printed clutch to work.

How to Get Away with It at the Office

They key to showing your quirkiness at work is to wear accessories that you can easily leave locked inside of your desk drawer or kept in your purse/pocket when you have a meeting to attend. This means you should refrain from showing your quirkiness with your footwear. There are plenty of ways to show your little quirks in your ensemble such as these items in this Polyvore set.

Quirky Accents

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