Pretty Pennies

Of all styles of shoe, I think penny loafers are my favorite. Whether they are casual or professional they have an innate style factor that automatically elevates a look. Thanks to them becoming a huge trend a few season back, the penny loafer ranges from the polished professional shoe it began as to a bright, fun shoe wanting to be seen.

I am in need for a couple of pairs of penny loafers since I am still using a walking to get around. I was never very steady in heels before I became ill last year so I am definitely not wearing them now that I am wobbly on my feet. During my search I found some pretty, I really mean pretty, penny loafers. I think I will I will get a professional looking pair of loafers for church and when I have business appointments. Then on my fun days out, I will choose a colorful pair that look comfortable.

This Polyvore set features four pairs I have my eye on:

Pretty Pennies

Stuart Weitzman penny loafer
$420 -

Cole Haan penny loafer

Bass penny loafer


For the expensive pairs, I am still searching for a version that is within my price range. What do you lovelies think of these pretty pennies?

Main Image Details: Bass Women's Wayfarer Slip-On Loafer

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