Obi Belts

Thank goodness the weekend is upon us! I've been so distracted to day that I forgot to write the "O" accessory post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge today! Don't worry this post is a good one. It is all about the Obi Belt this Friday.

What is an Obi?

The modern obi belt is a derivative of the Japanese Obi or sash. It is a apart of the traditional keikogi (martial arts uniform) and kimono outfits. The men's obi was narrow while women wore a much wider obi. As a fashion accessory the obi is mainly designed for womenswear and can be narrow or wide. It is used as a belt and decorative sash.

Styling an Obi

Obi belts are versatile. They can be used as a fastener to help keep a top, dress, or jacket closed. They can also be used to help change the style of a garment as well. Here are a few style trick you can use an obi for:
  • Creating a blouson effect. Tie an obi around your natural waist and pull up about an inch of fabric above the obi so it poufs over the top of the belt a bit.
  • Create a cinched waist by tying an obi snuggly around your natural waist.
  • Create a colorblock outfit. If you are wearing a monotone dress or top and bottom of the same color, create contrast by wearing an obi of a complementary color. This will help create more visual interest for your ensemble.

Will you rock an obi belt?
Check out a few obi belts in this Polyvore set:

Obi Belts

Marni belt
$490 -

Asos belt
$30 -

L Erickson belt

Boohoo obi belt

Uroco antique belt
$115 -

Image Credit: By Pitke (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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