Novelty Purse Alert: #MyPURSEonality Collection

Novelty accessories are not just for holidays anymore. A lot of the novelty items on the market today are more about catering to the consumer's own quirky sense of style. Kara Ross New York understands that there is a market for consumers who want personalized handbags that fit their unique sense of style and character. Now the brand has launched customizable character bags with its new #MyPURSEonality collection.

About #MyPURSEonality by Kara Ross New York

With #MyPURSEonality, Kara Ross New York developed a customization platform at that allows customers to design their own bag. Consumers can use their imagination with a selection of features such as eyes, eyebrows, and lips to create any character of their choosing on luxury fabrics like python, lizard, and crocodile.

Should a customer need a little help in the creativity department, the platform has a specialty quiz to help determine whether they are a panda, the uptown girl, the pop star, or the mogul. Since we are in the age of social media, shoppers can also share using the share buttons that link to their social media accounts.

How Does It Work?

To start designing you very own bag, visit
Preview of sample I created on
  1. Begin by picking from the seven different fabrics.
  2. Choose the color hardware you want that is next to the swatch of fabric you chose.
  3. Design your purseonality.
  4. Order your bag.

Pretty simple huh?

The Real Deal

These are very cute and I wouldn't mind owning one. However, they are expensive. The base price of the cheapest bag, without any design details, is $1,795.00. Honestly, I would not want to create a novelty purse from a decent luxury bag that costs over $100, yet alone $1,795.00. I can see these bags being a hit with celebrities. Eventually I am sure cheaper versions of the bags will be available once popularity rises amongst higher end consumers. Until that happens, just have fun creating a bag online and sharing your design with friends.

If you could afford one of these bags, would you purchase one?

Source: BlogsRelease

Main Image: Kara Ross New York via BlogsRelease

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