Layered Accents

There used to be a time when layering your accessories -- especially jewelry -- was seen as somewhat tacky. You were mistaken for a wannabe rapper, headed for Mardi Gras, or just thought of as eccentric. However, since fashion has begun to take notice of layering in recent years, those who have shied away from it can fully embrace it now!

How Should You Layer?

A good rule of thumb, you should layer "like with like". So if you are layering two medium-thickness gold necklaces and want to add a third or fourth, stick with adding another gold necklace of the same thickness.

If you do decide to mix it up, do it in pairs. Two chains with two pearls. Three wide bangles with three thin bangles. You want to keep it even.

What Can You Layer?

Of course, necklaces and bracelets are the obvious and safest choices. You can also layer rings, belts, and scarves. Perhaps one day some designer will be able to allow the fashion adventurists to layer shoes?

When Should You Layer?

Pretty much any occasion that does not have a dress code is ok. I would not recommend layering any accessory for a funeral or memorial service. Those are not the times to stand out.

Do you layer accessories?
Which ones do you layer?

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Main Image: Macy's Inc; Item: Bar III bracelets $29.50

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