Fringe Benefits of Spring

The fringe trend is still going strong in fashion. Especially where spring accessories are concerned, fringe is probably why boho is back. I have to say that I love the look. Let’s check out a few accessories that received a few fringe benefits for spring 2015.

You may think that fringe is just for the new bohemian or the edgy urbanite. You would be wrong. Fringe is edgy and whimsical but it can also be delicate, understated, and simply beautiful.

They key to making fringe work with any look is to determine a few things:
  • What is the overall look you are going for?
  • Do you want your fringe accessory to be highlighted?
  • Do you want the fringe to blend in?

Once you figure these things out you will be able to reap those fringe benefits of spring in style.

To see the range check out these five fringe accessories that are hot for spring and see how fringe is not just a novelty look.

Fringe Benefits

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