Capes: The Stylish Snuggie

Sitting here writing this post with my snuggie on, I begin to think about how this spring is still holding tight to Old Man Winter's hand. As I try to speculate how long this brisk weather will last before spring temperatures emerge, I think about how great it would be to see a few more capes worn in my area. Capes are the cozy outerwear accessory that make you feel good like a snuggie but you still get to rock a killer look in the process.


What Makes A Cape Great?

In my humble opinion, capes are the perfect outerwear accessory to wear on brisk, not bone-chilling, days. On these windy days, a luxurious, wool cashmere cape can make you look like a fashionista even if you just have a turtleneck and blue jeans on underneath. They are an outfit game changer. Even the faux pas of wearing your pajamas out in public can be obscured when worn under a stylish cape.


Styles of Cape I Am Fond Of

Wool Cashmere: A plain wool cashmere cape in either black, navy, or white is classic. It is simple enough to not make you look like you are trying too hard, yet has enough style punch to upgrade a basic look.

Fur Trimmed: This type of cape I like for making a statement. It is the introduction for the head-turning ensemble worn underneath it. Head-turning does not always mean flashy. For me, I tend to look good in knit dresses that outline my pear-shape. A simple charcoal gray or cream turtleneck dress with a pair of calf-high black leather boots is a good combination that is sexy but not overdone.

Plaid: What can I say? I prefer capes in wool. To me plaid and wool go together like peanut butter and jelly. A wool plaid cape is one I would wear on the weekend over some casual slacks and a soft sweater.


Do you like capes?
Which type of cape have you had your eye on?


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