Brooches Have It

All About That Brooch

One of my favorite, yet least used, accessories is the jewelry item known as the brooch. The brooch is not worn very often in contemporary times. It is one of those items that has to be seen as trendy for people, especially millennials, to wear. They are the item that our great-grandmothers and the women before them wore on a frequent basis. However, you do not have to be dressed for a Downton Abby theme party to wear a brooch in this age.

You can work a brooch in to fit a current fashion trend or to complete style of look you are working on. If you tend to dress in a bohemian style, the brooch might not be the best thing to wear on your garments. However wearing one on a headband or head wrap will add a fresh feel to your boho look.

If your style leans more towards to feminine, lady-like fashion, you have more brooch wearing options. Like with the boho look you can wear it on a headband or head wrap. You can also wear it in more traditional styles such as on your lapel, securing a scarf that is wrapped around your neck, or just above your breast.

Even if your style is edgy, you can work a brooch into your look. Most edgy dressers are creative in the way they dress anyway. If you are toying around with an edgier look then look to add a brooch as a closure for a cape, sarong, or scarf belt/sash.

The brooch does not have be looked at as a stodgy accessory from yesteryear. There plenty of statement pieces available that will help you create a unique look for yourself. So go snooping through an older relative's jewelry box and ask if you borrow their brooches.

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