Ankle-Strap Sandals

Springtime is here! This means those pretty feet will be making their debut soon in some strappy sandals as the temperatures rise. One of the hottest sandal trends this spring season are ankle-strap sandals.

Ankle-Strap Flat Sandals

The current IT ankle-strap of the season is the flat sandal. It keeps in line with the Neo Bohemian fashion trend of spring. These ankle-strap flat sandals run the gamut from earthy to fierce and edgy.

Ankle-Strap Sandal High Heels

Where the ankle-strap flat sandal runs the gamut, the high-heeled version doesn't have such a wide range. There is nothing earthy about these fashionable heels. They are made to make an impact whether it be fierce and sassy or feminine and sultry. They pair extremely well with two tops spring trends, The Black/White and Feminine Flair trends.

Which Ankle-Strap Sandal Will I Buy?

While I love heels, heels and I have always had a tentative relationship. At 6ft, I think heels made me feel a bit intimidated. Plus, I always ended up with men shorter than me and I felt weird standing at 6'5" next to someone who is 5'7". Therefore, I think I will go with the flat or low heel ankle-strap sandal this season.

Which ankle-strap sandal will you rock this spring?

Image Credit: Nordstrom Inc. (Main) and Macy's Inc. (Body)

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