5 Ideal Accessories for Spring 2015

This is a late post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge today. While I was doing my hair and makeup for another post and video I have to create, I was thinking about what accessories I might need. Then I started thinking about buying some new ones for spring. That is when I thought of creating a post of a list of five ideal accessories for spring 2015.

1. Gladiator Sandals

I wrote about this trend earlier during the challenge. They really are a great spring accessory to own. I suggest purchasing ankle height gladiators or caged sandals. Shorter gladiators are wearable beyond the trend. Where if you get the tall one, they may look out of place if the trend does not return the next few seasons.

2. Statement Handbag

When the word "statement" is used in front of any accessory, it really just means the item is bold enough to be noticed. It does not take a backseat to the rest of your ensemble. For me, I say go with a bright-colored animal print. Like hot pink zebra or purple python, print bag. They are meant to stand out and if they happen to not be in style for a particular season, who cares? It can always be put up out of site or hidden under your chair until you need it.

3. A Long Colorful Scarf

A long colorful or graphic printed scarf carries a lot of fashion mileage with it. Besides the standard ways of wearing a scarf (around the neck or draped over the shoulder) you can use it in the following ways:
  • A head wrap
  • A ponytail holder with the ends braided into the hair (Gotcha thinking about that one, huh?)
  • A belt
  • A sarong (worn over pants or shorts)

4. Sunglasses

People tend to forget about sunglasses until they find themselves in the midst of intense sun glare. Once spring hits, I keep a pair of sunglasses in my purse. My eyeglasses have transitions lenses so when I wear those I don't have to worry. However, on those days when I think I am cute (we all have them) I wear my contacts so I need a pair of shades to get me through around high noon.

5. Statement Earrings

Here goes that term "statement" again. In this case, statement earrings are large, meant to be seen earrings. I tend to wear statement earrings when I go out at night. When you have kinky/curly hair, you need bold earrings to keep up with your hair.

Which of these accessories are you most likely to rock this spring?

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