Knocking on Age 38's Door Means My Eyes Now Need TLC

Hey lovelies! I have to admit that I love reviewing products during my recovery time. It has introduced me to a plethora of new products I would have never tried otherwise. Two of these products are for the eyes: Bee Naturals' Peeper Keeper Eye Balm (received a free sample) and Body Merry's Age Defense Eye Cream.

The Need for Eye Cream Is Real

I have come to terms that I am now at the age where eye skin care products are a necessity within my beauty regimen. See, all of those years of laughter I've enjoyed came with a price, the threat of laugh lines/crow’s feet! I can see them beginning to form at the corners of my eyes. At age 37 (darn near 38), I need to hold these suckers off for as long as I can.

My Morning Eye Routine

I use different skincare products in the morning than I do in the evening. Those products are also lighter in the springtime. This goes for my eyes as well. I lucked into a huge discount on Body Merry's Age Defense Eye Cream and decided I would give it a try. This eye cream is a light cream that absorbs into the skin but leaves it looking slightly dewy and fresh.

I apply Body Merry Age Defense Eye Cream all around the eye area. I begin under my eyes by using my ring finger and gently patting the cream on then smoothing it from the inner corner to the outer corner. I then apply the cream to my lid in the same manner. It picks up where my night routine left off by keeping puffiness and dark circles away.

My Nightly Eye Routine

At night, I use the heavy artillery. I use slightly heavier products to keep my skin hydrated. This includes the eyes. I start off using my Petunia Skincare eye serum. Then I apply Bee Naturals Peeper Keeper Eye Balm to moisturize. This is a richer eye moisturizer made from beeswax. I apply it gently to my under eye area, eyelids, and my brows. Since I am trying to slow down those pesky crow’s feet, I pay more attention to the outer corners of my eyes. I gently massage the balm into the outer corners to keep the skin soft and supple there.

These two products keep my peepers well moisturized day and night. So those crow’s feet just have to wait several years longer before they get to make a starring appearance on my face. I intend to flaunt these youthful eyes for as long as I can!

Do you use eye skin care products regularly?
What made you begin using them regularly?

**I received the items either for free or at a deep discount from the manufacturer. All opinions are my own.**

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