Beauty Refresher: Evian Facial Spray Review

Evian Natural Mineral Water is a mainstay in the bottled water industry. However, that mineral water from the French Alps is useful for more than quenching your thirst. Evian Facial Spray is a mineral water spray mist that refreshes your skin throughout the day. Thanks to Evian supplying me with a free sample bottle, I get to try Evian Facial Spray and let you lovelies know how well it works.

About Evian Facial Spray

Evian Facial Spray is not a newbie on the scene. French doctors treating burn victims used it first in 1962. The facial spray hit the United States in 1978. It is considered a luxury beauty aid sold in higher market retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora. Evian Facial Spray is also offered in numerous luxury hotels and resorts.

Evian Facial Spray for Skincare

Evian states their facial spray is good for multiple beauty uses. I first used it as part of my nightly skincare routine. My skin needs to be damp when I apply my hyaluronic acid serum. Right before I apply my serum, I mist my face with Evian Facial Spray. It seems like the serum locks onto the extra moisture and pulls it into my skin.


Evian Facial Spray for Makeup

Evian lists multiple makeup uses for their facial spray on their website. I used it for two purposes. First, I used it to make my eyeshadow more intense. Then I used it as a mid-day refresher to keep my face looking dewy fresh.

For my eye makeup, I followed the instructions given by Evian Facial Spray:
First, I lightly sprayed my Petunia Skincare eyeshadow brush with the facial mist.
I dusted out a bit of loose eyeshadow onto the back of my hand.
I dipped the brush into the shadow and applied it to my lids.

As a mid-day refresher, I sprayed my face with Evian Facial Spray. Next, I blotted my skin with a napkin. My face looked as dewy fresh as it did in the morning.

Evian Facial Spray Grade: A

Evian Facial Spray is refreshing on the skin. It does make makeup look bolder. It does an excellent job of refreshing makeup. While the water comes out as a fine mist, I have used spring water in a spray bottle before and have gotten similar results. However, because it is from Evian, it does have an air of luxury to it. So, it is a great gift to give a fellow beauty lover or to yourself when you want to feel fancy.

Have you used Evian Facial Spray before?
If so, how well did you like it?

**I received the product for free from the merchant - powered by BrandBacker - to test and post my experience on my blog. The experience and opinions stated are my own.**

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