Makeup Brush Review: 12-Piece Professional Brush from Petunia Skincare

We are in a new year. For me, part of the new year is practicing new beauty looks. To get your makeup looking "on point", you need quality tools. Just my luck, Petunia Skincare gave me some beauty tools to review on my blog. So now have 12 professional quality makeup brushes in my beauty arsenal. So is this kit worth the investment? 

The Look is an A-

Typically, I am not caught up in the look of makeup brushes. To be truthful I tend to bypass the bedazzled, neon-colored, and graphic printed ones on the market. I like mine to look streamlined with few colors.

These brushes from Petunia Skincare have the look I like. They are black and hot pink with primarily dark (black) bristles. A couple of the black bristled ones have white tips for added flair. The biggest style factor of this brush kit is the pouch. It looks like a black clutch purse!

The Feel is an A+

I am a tactile person. Therefore, the way something feels on my skin is very important to me. I have to say that I have never used makeup brushes that felt so soft and smooth against my skin. Before I even used them for makeup, I kept running the powder brush over my cheek.

Performance is an A

While I loved the feel of these brushes, they also left me a bit worried. I was not exactly confident their performance would be very good. I was pleasantly surprised that my worries were for nothing.

While they may be soft to the touch, they hold up well. The powder brushes (eyeshadow, brow, face/powder, fan, and blush) collect a good amount of powder on them. They also deposit the powder they collect to the skin leaving very little left on the brush. The eyeliner and lip brushes do well with liquids, gels/gloss, and cream formulas. The spoolie brush (the one that looks like a mascara wand) is my favorite makeup tool as it really gets your brows groomed and helps you shape them.

The Extras get a B+

Yes, there is a bonus that you get with the purchase of Petunia Skincare's Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit. A few days after you place your order, Petunia Skincare will send you an email with a link to their 15-page e-book the Petunia Skincare Beauty Bible. The PS Beauty Bible has 10 chapters to help you with various beauty topics including acne, anti-aging, and DIY remedies. So if you know little about beauty and skincare this bonus will be a convenient reference aid to help you tackle your skincare needs.

Final Thoughts

The kit rates a solid A from me. It is a good makeup investment. With the travel pouch that looks like a clutch, you can pack it up and take it with you wherever you go.

Have you tried these brushes yet? If so, let me know your thoughts about the brush kit.

**I received this product free from the manufacturer for review. The opinions stated are my own.**

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