A Touch of Zeal

This is the final post for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2014. While I enjoyed participating in this event, I am relieved it is over (Don't I look happy in the pic?). It can become quite difficult trying to create logical or even clever fashion and beauty blog posts for each letter of the alphabet. If you have been following along this month, you can tell I struggled with a few letters. I got through it and I feel a touch of zeal (see how I worked that in there?) for having finished. Yes, I will do it again next year if it continues. Now I am going to wrap this baby up with a look back at the other 25 letters blogged about this month:

YOLO Fantasy Purchases

This post will be very short on words. The reason is because this post is about fantasy items that fall under the You Only Live Once (YOLO) category. You know! Those items that if you had the money you would splurge on. As you take a look at my YOLO items, think about what would be on your purchase list and comment on it please. Yeah, I'm nosy like that.

X Means Bigger and Better Lashes

Ever notice that when makeup brands try to convince us their product is bigger and better than the rest, they give it a name with a big ole X in it? I see this most often used when it comes to mascara. When a mascara is supposed to make your lashes look longer, fuller, voluminous or like you are false eyelashes, X often marks the spot in the name.

Attention-Grabbing Waistlines

The appearance of a cinched waistline gives the illusion of a curvier figure. This doesn't mean you need to buy body shapers or a corset. Your clothing can make the illusion happen without putting you through any type of discomfort.

Become Vested in the Vest

Be Vested in Vests

Vests are one of my favorite articles of clothing. A vest can either dress up or dress down your look. So choosing the right one for the look you hope to create is crucial.

Underwear You Wear Under What You Wear

Today's post is about underwear. No, not the underwear that is worn as if it is a part of your ensemble. I am talking about the underwear that is worn under your clothes and stays under your clothing.

A Decade of Spring Fashion Trends

I started out the day wanting to blog about trends. As I wrote the post, I realized the post was evolving into something too big for this blog so I decided to send it to one my editors for pay. However, I still can't let go of the idea of trends. Therefore, you guys are getting a decade's worth of trends in one post! No, I am not naming every trend from each decade but a popular trend from each year.

Missing Stockings

Women C&A DSC 2261
Stockings, tights, pantyhose, whatever you'd like to call them seem to have disappeared from many women's wardrobes. There used to be a time when skirts and dresses world never be worn without a pair of stocking covering the legs. Then gradually they were worn in colder weather to provide an extra layer of warmth. Now, it seems not even the cold can make some put on a pair of stockings. Two reasons come to mind. 

A Word on Real Vs Synthetic Fibers

I touch on this topic occasionally, especially during springtime. With Earth Day and other events that focus on the environment, the debate over real or natural fibers versus synthetic ones tends to come up. I am not a proponent for either side. However, I do notice that the scales are tipped in natural fiber's favor. The thing is both are good and bad for the environment. Depending on the designer and manufacturer both can produce high and low quality clothing.

Quick Beauty Fixes

Items for Quick Beauty Fixes

We all have days when things don't go right with our hair, makeup, and skin. Things can start out bad or turn bad as the day goes on. When your beauty look goes wrong, you need a quick fix to make things right again.

Painted Ladies

Zhigan i prostitutka by B. Grigoriev (1917, priv. coll)

Ahhh, painted ladies! I am not referring to the butterflies or the multicolored Victorian and Edwardian homes. I am referring to those aristocrats, thespians, dancers, and yes, those "ladies of loose morals" who dared to wear makeup. There was a time when no self-respecting lady would wear makeup. Thank goodness, things have changed! 

Everything's Coming Up Ombrè

Ombrè is a term that has been used in both fashion and beauty for many years. The gradient effect of this look is appealing. It adds style interest to clothing, makeup, even hair color.

Nail Art is not for Me

Two-toned colorblocking nail design

Nail art is here to stay. Let's just face the music on that. I do like looking at some of the great nail art I see on Pinterest and other social media. However, it is a makeup thing that I have never gotten into.

Makeup Junkie

“My name is ShawnTe Pierce and I am a makeup junkie.”

I don't wear makeup every day. I mainly wear it when I go out and when I am doing a tutorial. However, I am constantly tempted with makeup offers. I receive a ton of emails with special discounts and other sales on makeup. It takes every ounce of strength for me to ignore them. I am learning to curb my enthusiasm and save my pocketbook. While I am better at not making whimsical purchases, I do have my weaknesses…

Lovely, Luscious Lips

We all have a facial feature we feel is "our best" feature. For me, I feel my best feature are my lips. In fact, the lips are what I notice first about the opposite sex. So, I guess you can say that I love lips.

What's not to love about them? When taken care of they are soft. They play a huge role in a very enjoyable activity, kissing. And... They look lovely and luscious in lip color.

K.I.S.S. With 5-Minute Makeup Application

Being a freelance writer, I have the luxury of taking my time when it comes to makeup application. However, I didn't always have this luxury. Like many of you, I worked a "9-to-5" where I rushed in the mornings to get ready for work, so I could be at my desk on time. Working in an office setting, wearing makeup is part of creating a polished, professional image at work. Creating that polished image with your makeup should not have to take you more than five minutes each morning. Learn how to keep it simple sweetie (K.I.S.S.) with these 5-minute makeup application tips.

Stylish Jumpsuits and Rompers for Spring 2014

The jumpsuit and romper are back as trends for spring 2014. They are given new life with a lively spring fashion color palette. This season, sleeveless, halter, and one-shoulder styles are trendy. While prints are always interesting, colorblock and solid colors are likely to prevail this spring.

Interesting, Intriguing, and Intense Spring Makeup Colors

The hottest colors for spring makeup posses the three I's. They are interesting, intriguing, and intense. They all may not be for everybody but I do believe there is at least one for everyone. 

Your Quick Guide for Hemlines

Short, long, or in-between there is a hemline that fits you perfectly. While you may have your favorite length of hem to wear, at times you’ll have to sacrifice personal taste for other things. We know everything is not appropriate for everyplace or occasion. Therefore, if you are unsure about which hemline is best to wear for a specific situation then read on for a quick guide on hemlines.

Glorious Gowns

Prom season is approaching as well as June weddings. This means gowns are on the minds of many ladies right now. Even if you do not have a formal event to attend -- like me -- you probably still love gown browsing. Letting your imagination take you to the perfect place to show the gown you have been drooling over. Ok, maybe that is just me but you have to admit there is something glorious and even magical about the gown. They represent the woman being swept off her feet by her prince and becoming a princess, at least for the night. 

Get Your Feet Open-Toe and Slingback Ready

Spring is here with summer hot on her heels. Therefore, you need to make sure that your heels are ready for the season's hottest shoes. Let's face it, no matter how hot your ensemble looks on you, when people's gaze lands on your feet and they see dry, crusty feet inside of a pair of strappy sandals it kills your entire look. So get your feet ready to be seen in some killer shoes this season.

What are Extended Sizes?

All Sizes Welcomed

If you are around 5'5", wear a size 6, and a size 7 shoe then you may have never come across extended sizes within a store or catalog. I use these numbers because they fall pretty much in the middle of what is considered average or standard sizes in many stores. If you happen to be petite, tall, or wear a size 12+ (size 28+ for plus size stores), or size 12+ shoe then you may fall into the extended size category. 

Dreaming of Denim for Spring

Denim never really goes out of style as long as denim jeans are around. However, this twill weave fabric is taking the spotlight this spring. It plays a major role in the blue color trend of the season. However, denim in bold fashion colors like shades of pink, along with black and white are très chic for spring, as well. Let’s look at some cool ways to wear denim this season so you can mix things up a bit.

C is for Cleaning Up Your Look

Spring is here even if it does not quite feel like it yet where you live. That ritual of spring-cleaning we do for our homes and sometimes automobile's is something we seem to do without thought. However, another type of cleaning should be done as well. That is cleaning up our look by getting rid of the old fashion/beauty items we no longer wear/use and ridding ourselves of expired makeup.

B is for Little Girl Blue

If you have not realized yet, blue is set to be the hot shade of spring 2014. What a wonderful color trend to have right now! It is a color that looks pretty good on virtually everyone. This color trend is not just about Dazzling Blue and Placid Blue. All shades of blue are hot. Here are few stylish blue options for you to consider as you build your spring wardrobe.

A is for Accessorize

I live on a budget, as I am sure plenty of you do as well. While I would love to stock my closet and dresser drawers up with the latest fashions every season, I know I cannot afford to do so. This does not mean I miss out on being fashionably current. I use accessories to keep me looking stylish each season. In this post, I will list my favorite fashion accessories that allow me to look current, even when wearing items from a few seasons ago.
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