NYC Expert Last #SugarPlum Lip Color

As some of you who have followed my Beauty Guru posts know, I am a lipstick woman. I prefer the creamy, richer color of lipstick, especially when I want to make an impact. As such, I was really excited to receive a free NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum, included in my Frosty Vox Box from Influenster to review. I contained my eagerness to try out the lipstick for a few days and debut it to family and friends on Christmas.

The Basics of NYC's Sugar Plum Lipstick

Sugar Plum is a rosy-plum shade that should complement various skin tones. The shade is a bit flirty making it more suitable as a date night lipstick or summer fun shade. This is a great one to try for New Year's Eve lovelies.

What also makes it a bit flirty is the sweet smell it has. I am not sure what sugar plums smell like but I gather they have a sweet smell to them. Therefore, this may be the smell the lipstick is trying to mimic. The scent is not strong, it just has a hint of a sweetness. Don't let the subtle scent fool you, it does not taste sweet. No, I did not bite into the lipstick. However, when licking your lips to remove crumbs from them, you end up tasting your lipstick.

Field Test

There is something that is important to me with any lip color. It must feel smooth going on and absolutely cannot dry out my lips. NYC Expert Last does glide on smooth and does not dry your lips out. The color does last long. It survived Christmas day, from kisses on cheeks, through dinner, and dessert. It was easy to remove as well.

Potential Uses

I love to multipurpose my makeup. This Sugar Plum shade would make a great creamy blush for those on-the-go makeup days. I think the rosy tint makes it suitable as blush. If you wanted to use it to give yourself a natural flush of color, a bit across the eyelid as well as cheeks will do the trick.

Have you tried NYC Expert Last Lipstick yet? What is your favorite shade(s)?

Image Credit: ShawnTe Pierce  -- All Rights Reserved 

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