Style tricks to transition your summer dresses for fall

If you are like me, you tend to catch as many end of season sales as possible to get good deals on clothing. One sale item you won't need to pack away early is the summer dress. Many of these dresses are light and airy to keep you cool in the summer heat. However, they can still be worn for fall. Learn a few style tricks to make those summer dresses last well into the fall season.

Style Trick #1: Wear More Undergarments

I am not referring to your wearing an extra bra or panties. When fall hits create light layers for your summer dresses with full and half slips. They create an extra barrier to keep those crisps fall breezes from freezing your legs and torso. If you have shorter dresses create a new look for the dress by wearing a slip with a frilly edge like lace, ruffled, scalloped and let it peak below the hem of your dress. Start wearing sheer pantyhose to give your legs a little warmth for early fall. As you reach mid-fall switch those sheer hose out for opaque tights for a fun and colorful look.

Style Trick #2: Wear Pants 

Stop giving me the Rock brow and consider this for a moment. I am not talking about trousers (but if you are daring give it a try). Leggings, jeggings and capri leggings look cute under shorter, girly dresses. Pair them with warm socks and ankle boots for a funky fall look.

Style Trick #3: Incorporate the Fall Jacket

The fall jacket is a style changer. I mean that literally. A jacket that can be worn both indoors and outside over a summer dress takes the light, feminine look that dress once had and makes it edgier. Try a leather or suede jacket that falls at the waist. If you can find one that has fur or shearling trim that is a bonus. Finish the look off with boots that match the jacket.

Style Trick #4: Add a Sweater to the Mix

If you are not into jackets try layering your summer dress with a sweater. Begin the season with a light, gauzy sweater. By mid season switch to a moderate weight one or a cardigan. By late fall go for the heavy duty sweaters and wear them with the full slip, tights and ankle boots for an early alternative rock look -- think Natalie Merchant when she was with 10,000 Maniacs.

These four style tricks will allow you to wear those summer dresses through the fall season. If you are really skilled at layering you can probably take them into winter as well. So make the most out of your wardrobe and wear those summer dresses for fall.

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